Whisky Stain release ‘Human Touch’

I am thrilled to announce that Rats On the Run are working with Whisky Stain to promote their latest release.

Continuing their run of dirtbomb-raw singles, EPs and collections, Whisky Stain have released Human Touch.

Watch:Human Touch’ – The single and video.
Listen: Soundcloud. Spotify. Bandcamp.
Socials: whiskystain.co.uk. Facebook. Insta.

Adding new shades of tender to the meanest of BRMC, cutting loose from the shadows of Black Keys, Royal Trux and Death From Above 1979, Human Touch is a lean howl of squalor and heartache.

With previous releases featured on Gigslutz (‘The Lords Revolver’ – track of the week), BBC Introducing (five featured tracks), as the official anthem to Nottingham Panthers and the official trailer to Sky Atlantic’s Ray Donovan,  Whisky Stain are a band in rapturous ascendance.

I’d love you to hear them and watch the single’s video – an emotive study of sexuality, violence, stigma and healing. And we hope you’re as fired up as we are.

For interview, booking or review enquiries, contact Will Wilkinson @ Rats On The Run.

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