ROTR Broken Radio: July 22.

And do I have a new glut for you. Running from summer breeze indie to spiralling shoegaze to rude n’tude garage fuzz, this mammoth pack of sounds chews through submissions. Want some ultra-bright pop, new club thump and cool synthwave? Well guess what… All that’s in there too.

So here’s the best of a month so full of new music that the showcase comes in twice as long. Settle in, find your groove and get listening. ‘Cus right here are your summer essentials.

David Poe – Simple and pure love acoustic
Holy Reptile – Post punk teasingly subdued and subtle
PETER LAKE – Summer indie for cool beach kids only
Keith Mosfet – Lo-fi romance that’s pack full of promise
Yasser2x4 – Cool evening bliss and regret
Crack Cloud – Tempestuous soft kicks and agro
Kick – A well chosen cover is everything
Blush Club – XTC coloured rough-wired punk scratchers
Bones Shake – Fuzzabilly bible-belt garage
The Lotts – NY tude, pre-chewed and snotted
Bad Mojos – Hump ‘n grind punk n’ scrawl
Struggles With Syntax – Post hardcode intellipunk clatter
eevee, cliffe – Damage, remorse, warm and intimate
Amy Steele – Kaleidoscope softness and wash
Hexial – Electronics to unsettle and soothe
Follo – Slow release trance obsessions
GONE – Minimal house with punched ambiance
Bayeux – Smooth transient kick n’ glitch richness
KARL, STOLT – Pop heavy club ready beats
Orbital – 30 something years on and renewed
ena mori – Dirty sugar polish and gloss
J – The scorched neon cooldown that’s needed
The Loud Bangs – Wonderfully exploratory glistenings
Jenny Kern – Lush, as always, every time
Simesky+Fritch – The 12″ mix love letter to vinyl
Velocity 128 – Retro-synth smother of sonics
Pearz – Lysergic neon weirdness galore
Andres Alcover – And we end where we started. With heart.