ROTR Broken Radio: Aug-Dec ’22.

You might have twigged there were one or two distractions in the back end latter half of last year. Catch up on all that right here in Somethin’ Blue. But as promised and almost as faithful as always… here’s a tight fist of all that got missed.

So right here’s the best of 900+ submissions that filled up my inbox since August. From punk through to ‘tronica, glitch through to grunge, from sweet pop and sugared American roots right through to dirt-laden trash. Soak up every sonic and sound. There’s a ’22 Best Of on way.

Camilla Sparksss (Sass-sonic minimalist ‘Tronica)
Reverend Beat-Man (Grungabilly Garage Psyche Trash)
kill Your Boyfriend (Thumped-up Post-punk for Glut-lovers)
Panic Shack (There’s a Reason I Can’t get a Gig Ticket HINT!!)
Penny Rich (Thrash Garage Throwdown Take 1)
Death Cult Electric (Thrash Garage with a Fucktwist of Manson)
XUP (Sultry Punk Disco Persuasions)
Miss Kittin & The Hacker (The Royalty of Oil-Slickened Glitch)
Broads (Pristine and Vital and Volatile)
IST IST – (Easy Glimmer Post-Punk n’ Pummel)
The Men (MCfuckin5 eat your Heart out)
Forty Feet Tall (A Thick Lick of Tude n Screw-You)
The People’s Pleasure Grounds (Agroscuzz Primal and Pure)
Damn Vandals (Thrash Garage Throwdown Take 2)
Brendan Void (Kee-jerk Adrenaline Electro)
MARIA Die RUHE (If House had a Gland that Secreted…)
Jackson Mico Milas (Lush Cinematic Folktronica)
Kooma (Low-light ambient Flicker and Glitch)
Salvadore S.Owwl (Flirtations with Transient Vibes)
jackLNDN (last Late-night 808 House)
Jenny Kern (Every time, Jenny Kern simply Wins)
Hibou (Sad-pop Ocean-wide Indie Sonics)
Prima Queen (Soundtrack-worthy Pop with a Glint)
Suede (A Return to Glam-Grandeur and Dominance)
Yumi and the Weather (A Glimmer of Shoegaze with Sugar)
Kan Wakan (Ambient House with a Sinister twist)
Narval (A Slick way to Wind down the Evening)
Nau Leone (Sumptuous, Sinister Propulsion)
eevee, sweeep (A Rare and New slick twist on Triphop)
Kick (60s Psyche Sun Sweet and Simple)
Emily Breeze (Scuzz-heavy Sophisticate Sleaze)
EUT (One half Disco one half Diva, all Divine)
Prim (Listen in as the Sweeter gets Sweeter)
Tallulah Guard (…And sweeter and sweeter again)