A 2019/20 THANK YOU!

Just think… April 2018 and Rats on the Run was yet to become or exist. A travel blog in the making with a music filled twist came from nothing but the want to explore. Fast forward half a year and the travel wound up (just a pause while we offset some adult-size glitches), then this thing took a life of its own. 2019 has been singularly special.

Connections, invitations, collaborations. A new bulging inbox of EPs and albums, submissions, releases and send outs. Seems in every small corner of this rockin’ blue globe there’s a love that let’s music get made. You make it, I make it, you send it, I write it, and sometimes we make it together. In every sense of these words – It’s been magic. Even if a lil sleepless at times.

So a warm hearted end of year THANK YOU’s in order.

To the labels, the artists, the indies, the late night keyboard warriors, the shy bedroom writers that sent out their first tracks, for the connections made and the new favourite sounds, from the Russian electronica to Italian industrial, to some straight-up strange sounds that got sent out from Mexico. From UK punk and garage and folk, to US grunge and psychobilly sleaze, and to those closer to home who help write and produce, who entrust me with soundtracks and band management duties, who let me persuade them there’s songs to be made from recording each kitchen appliance, and to a girl that might barely see me for days because this all gets done in spare evenings…

Thank You and let this bliss continue. 2020 is the year of the Rat.