ROTR Catch Up: Rude GRL+CC – ‘Like Wow’.

ROTR Catch Up is me trying my best to round up the music and sounds and cacophonies that 2020 got in the way of. So many submissions, so much great noise to toy with, but like rest of the world, plans got beat. I’ll do as many of these as I can. They may be brief but no less loved and praised.

Introducing RudeGRL+CC.

Once again I’m sideswiped by the bliss, one more track that’s been spun on repeat. Whichever distraction or time sucking voodoo that wrote off the write up of ‘Like Wow‘, well it better have been something special.

There’s the grit guitar play of Panic Shack and Chicks On Speed, there’s the highball screw-you of Mz Neon and Bella Gotti, there’s a sinister shake to the agro. With prowess, dirt and heat RudeGRL+CC produce 126 seconds of joy that flicks a two-finger rebellion.

To a backbone of simplified power-glam and punk, we get words spat straight out with precision. There’s a mean flow and grove to the vocals that switch between anger and bright-eyed aggression. It’s virile, contagious, it’s urgent and lean, but above all it’s just so damn cool. Add to all this a sharp clawed attack on intolerance and we have a fight music brawler. A highlight of our dire 2020.

Elsewhere in the EP we dial down the glam while we double the dose of the dirt, ‘Overkill’ is a mass of new wave and garage that smashes up genres and beats. ‘Let Go’ begins light with its soft 80’s pop before twisting to past high-class hiphop, and all through the EP and throughout every track, there’s the spike of a new nervous energy.

Stylistically, lyrically and visually fearless, all the talents and tastes of this unlikely collaboration make a noise that we didn’t know we needed. But with past incarnations and projects to date (including Adam Ant, The Mutants, Basement Jaxx, Miss Burlesque UK 2018), I should not have expected any less.